Connect your existing system to Komet Sales and start your seamless operation today.


The Komet Sales API helps you develop additional tools directly connected to the system. This API enables Growers, Companies, Customers, and third parties to expand and build on the Komet Sales platform.

The API gives you access to the Komet Sales data using HTTP and JSON, making it easy to create web and desktop applications integrated with Komet Sales. 

Here are some ideas of what you can do with our API:

  • Create a customized e-commerce solution that uses Komet Sales as the backend for order processing and inventory management.

  • Allow Growers to integrate Komet Sales directly into their systems to review and confirm orders.

  • Integrate Komet Sales into your CRM.

  • Interact with the third-party systems that your company uses.

In this documentation, you will find references to every method available for the Komet Sales API. You can search by endpoint, name, request type, token type, or action.

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You can also read our quick start guide here: https://kometsales.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/APIDocs/pages/12222537